Saturday, 30 March 2013

TAG: Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

I've decided to do the 'confessions of a beauty blogger' tag, after reading the lovely Rohini's post last week.

Here goes!

Q:When did you start blogging?

August 2011. :D

Q: Have you had an online presence before?

I joined before creating my blog.

Q: Why did you start blogging?

You may already be aware that I have an intense passion and fascination for makeup. Shortly before I created my blog, I used to experiment with makeup and create different looks. I wanted somewhere where I can publish all my looks that I created. I was super duper nervous to be honest!

Q: When did you become serious about blogging?

I don't think I've ever been serious about blogging, it's just something that I do when I have extra time. I initially used to blog religiously at least twice a week, but sometimes I used to feel pressured to keep to that level. Now I blog a lot less often but when I do, I feel like the content is a lot better. Quality, not quantity! 

Q: What was your first post?

My first proper post was a gold smokey eye look using the Urban Decay Naked Palette. 

Q: What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?

As of quite recently I have two jobs which means I hardly have any time to blog. It's a shame because when I was a student, it was easy to maintain . I guess my lifestyle change has made it more difficult for me. :(. I also have less time to create makeup looks. Another huge bummer is my lack of a decent camera! Sometimes I really want to upload a look that I created, but it won't turn out right because of the flash/lighting etc. 

Q: Where do you see your blog in a year?

Just like Rohini, I'll hopefully have a gorgeous camera to be playing around with! Hopefully a Canon 500D. That way my photos will be better quality :)

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about blogging?

I feel like I'm good friends with a lot of the bloggers that I follow, which is an amazing thing I didn't really expect to have. 

Q: What's the most discouraging thing that's happened to you?

I recently found out that Google are removing Google Reader, which is a bummer because that's how I catch up with all my blog posts. I know that there's always Bloglovin', but I'm just not used to how it works. Sigh!

Q: What is your lasting inspiration/motivation?

Makeup artists on Youtube and other bloggers definitely inspire & motivate me. Also everyone who reads my blog is a huge form of flattery and inspires me to keep blogging!

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone!


  1. Love this! Glad I helped you put this blog post up! =D Totally agree with your comment about quality over quantity. xo