Thursday, 21 March 2013

Aqua Blue / Green Eyeshadow

Hey all! It's been so long since I've done a makeup post, but a few nights ago I had a random urge of creativity. I played around with my palette called 'Manly' (lol), it's very similar to 120 palettes by brands such as BH cosmetics. It offers a huge range of blues and greens, so I knew it was the perfect palette for this look.
My foundation was Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation in the new shade cashew, however I applied that about 13 hours ago, so I quickly refreshed it up by spraying some of MAC's Fix Plus spray on a stippling brush, with a small drop of MAC's Face & Body foundation in C5. I set my my t-zone with Ben Nye's Banana powder - A great mattifying powder with a yellow base.
I used ELF's blush in 'Berry Merry' - my new favorite blush. I can't believe I prefer it to my pricier Nars ones! 
For highlight, I used Nars' cream blush highlighter in 'Gold member', and I contoured my cheekbones using Tom Ford's shade & illuminate in 'Intensity 2'.
I primed my eyes using MAC's cream eyeshadow in 'Painterly'. Using a fluffy blush ( I used a MAC 224) I applied a bright green on my crease and blended that well. Using a smaller blush, I then packed on a darker teal color all over the eyelid, and blended it with the brighter green. Every time I blend the shadows, I always  reapply more product  on top as blending sometimes takes away the intensity. Next I used a tiny amount of a matte black and placed that onto the outer corners of my eyes, and then blended that through. I did the same steps with my lower lash line.
Then I lined the top of my eyes, applied mascara and added a layer of lashes.
Using eyelash glue and a small eyeliner brush, I then created a line above the false eyelash and using the same brush, I dipped into glitter and packed the glitter on. 

This was totally out of my comfort zone as I tend just to wear neutrals or a smokey eye, but I had so much fun and I'll definitely wear this out soon. 
Thanks for reading! 


  1. Love it! Great look and the colors really look good on you.

  2. WOW, these colours look amazing on you x x

  3. You look sooo beautiful!! I love this look...looks like paradise! Haha! (your skin looks amazing!) =D xo

  4. I just saw this now, such a beautiful look! Green is fab on you!x

  5. Woah! This so bold but looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I'm not brave enough to wear coloured eye shadow (just nude for me) but if I did wear it I'd like to do something like this! Such beautiful colours xx

    1. Thank you! I'm more of a neutral toned girl but every so often I have a sudden urge to go crazy with colours!

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