Sunday, 17 June 2012

Speechless Sunday

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Holographic Eyes

Hellooo everybody! 
It's been so long, but I can finally announce that I'm now EXAM FREE!!!! Keeping up with blog posts has been almost impossible in these pasts few weeks, so I apologise for the extreme delay but after I'm back from my holiday the posts should be regular again. I've been keeping track of my recent makeup purchases, and also some makeup of the day posts too. I'll post them all on here now, some of them are so easy to recreate that I'm  definitely intending to do a step by step tutorial. I just had my final uni summer ball yesterday and did a glittery smokey eye using a holographic pigment from MAC, as my dress was silver. Here's how it turned out:

Cheeky confession: these pictures were actually taken more than 12 hours of me applying this makeup, PLUS I was jumping on a bouncy castle for about 15 mins, so sorry if it doesn't look quite up to scratch. Haha! 
If anyone isn't sure about how to make glitter adhere to your eyeshadow, then eyelash glue works as a perfect substitute. I dabbed a small amount of Duo lash adhesive onto a flat makeup brush and applied the glue onto the first half of my lid. Using the same brush, I then just dipped into the holographic pigment and pressed firmly onto my eye. Easy peasy! There's a ton of fallout glitter eyeshadow however, so I had to remove it for a while using tape :). Make sure to not apply foundation before trying out glitter eyeshadow as it will be ruined.

I used a combination of Sleek and MAC eyeshadows, and the glitter pigment is also from MAC called 3D glitter. As my foundation, I'm using Face + Body by MAC in C5. For my lips I'm wearing Blankety lipstick from MAC with clear gloss.

Once I'm back from my vacation I'll definitely upload a tutorial on how to do this!
Thanks a lot for checking out my blog, and I apologise for the delays!
Ayesha xxxx