Sunday, 20 May 2012

Speechless Sunday


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Speechless Saturday

Sums up my life currently.
Wish me luck for next week! (I'll need plenty)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Picture Perfect Makeup

 Howdy everyone!

Although  I'm sitting here absolutely terrified whilst hearing the thunder outside, I decided to write a blog post to calm my nerves. It's been a while! Coursework and exams have gotten the worst of me. I'm all free from the 8th of June and then I'm going abroad for a few weeks straight after. I'll be sure to keep you updated! 
I have to make this a quick one as I have 6000 words due for this Friday. Challenge Accepted.
I almost forgot to mention that I was award by Ruby the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you!! I was also award the Liebster Award from Maelle, thank you so much again! :) :)

Here are some pictures of a photo of the night (FOTN) of my makeup that I wore. I was going to a friend's birthday which was at a bar. I mainly used NARS and MAC for this look, and I also used MAC's black track fluid line as a base to intensify and deepen the brown that I added on top. I recommend anyone to do this if they would like to darken their eye makeup: any gel liner should work fine, just use a good primer. I spent about 10 continuous minutes applying colour and blending continuously, a MAC 217 blending brush really made my life easier!
I used to be one for finding smokey eyes boring, but I tend to wear them out a lot if I can't think of much else to do, or if I'm caught for time and want something bold.
The main colour of my lid was a shadow from NARS called Galapagos, which I've raved about hundreds of times on my blog. It's the perfect shade! Combined with MAC's eyeshadow in texture is the best thing since sliced  bread. I apply texture near my socket bone area as a good transition colour to blend outwards with. 

MAC Face + Body in C5
Sleek blush in pomegranate
Benefit highlighter in girl meets pearl
Sleek contour kit in medium
Bobbi Brown correcter in peach

MAC lipstick in blankety

Revlon grow luscious mascara
Urban Decay primer potion
MAC black track fluid line
MAC eyeshadow in texture
MAC pigment in naked (inner corners)
NARS eyeshadow in Galapagos
MAC eye kohl in smoulder

Thanks so much for looking at my blog :)