Thursday, 8 March 2012

Barbie loves MAC Inspired makeup!

Hey there! How are you? I'm so excited to finally post this Barbie loves MAC inspired makeup ! The Barbie loves MAC collection came out in 2007 and I remember seeing the pictures of the models and dying of awe. The makeup is AMAZING! Even though the photos are heavily photo-shopped the colour combinations of the eye shadows are awesome.

I've always wanted to re-create this look, especially since I own one of the eyeshadows from the Barbie for MAC collection (Springtime Skipper). Yesterday I had a strong urge to finally do, so I did!


My version:

Picture from my phone: 

Products used:

How I achieved this look:

Firstly I applied a primer onto my eyes. Here I used Painterly from MAC. I accidentally over applied painterly and as you might be able to see in the pictures, my shadows creased :( I was so upset! Only apply a small amount!
Using 'spring time skipper' from MAC, I then patted this shadow onto my eyelid area, not going any higher. I used a MAC 239 brush.
Using my Manly 120 palette I used the brightest neon pink colour and applied this near the bridge of my nose and near my brow bone, towards my temples. I even included my temples. Why is it called temples? Anyway, I used a MAC 224 fluffy brush.
Then I contrasted the pink and green shadows by adding a dark brown eyeshadow in my crease area. I used Nars eyeshadow in galapogas.
I lined my eyes with MAC's liquidlast black eyeliner and an angled brush. Then I applied a flesh tone eye pencil in my waterline - MAC's NC30 kohl.
I applied some false lashes too - here I'm wearing some by Eldora.


The sun went down and I was really grumpy as my makeup always looks terrible in flash photography. I sulked for a while.
After sulking, I decided to get on with it *the show must go on* and decided to contour and shape my face to make out as if I'm extremely chiselled and cheek-boned. I used Sleek's contour kit in medium.
I then applied MAC's studio sculpt foundation in NC30 with a Real Technique's buffing brush. Using the manly palette again, I used the neon pink colour as a blush as applied it quite liberally.

I applied a bit of Stila's longwear lip colour in 'intriguing' combined with Barry M's lipstick in 146.

Do you remember the Barbie loves MAC collection? What did you think of my take on it? To be honest, I was happy the way it looked in real life, but in these photos it looks a bit washed out and subtle. Not what I wanted! I can't wait till it's summer so that I can take some better photos in the day light! 

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  1. Looks gorgeous, just like the pic!! =) x

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    1. thanks! i'm so glad you like it :) x

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    1. aww thank you! <3 means a lot to me :) xx

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    1. thanks emma! I have a soft spot for bright pinks!

  5. You did a great job Ayesha! Love it!

  6. Asian Barbie!!! Pink looks so good on you! x <3

  7. thank you for your comment about my peacock eye look .. love your look too your so talented!.. take care x

  8. Wow good job! Great inspiration too!

  9. This is a good reproduction!!! I love this look.

  10. This is an amazing copy of the Barbie make-up! You have beautiful eyes, you really suit the pink and green :)
    Thanks for checking out my blog! xxx

  11. Wow- I am amazed! Great job! I can never pull off or even create such a beautiful look like this, so different and unique I love it :) Thanks for sharing it with us!

    -- Hailey (

  12. So doll like :)

  13. So pretty! & seriously, in love with your eyebrows.

    xo SARMIN

  14. Super Pretty! - Just followed, Hope you will do the same!