Saturday, 31 March 2012

Speechless Saturday

Hey everyone! I'm going to be doing a Speechless Saturday from now on, which is basically where I'll be posting a number of pictures every Saturday (with no words). Technically I've already broken the rules!


Monday, 26 March 2012

Versatile Blogger Award - 7 Facts About Me!

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to announce that I've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Yayy!!! It's my first time receiving any type of award like this, so I'm quite excited. I was nominated by Maria, be sure to check out her blog. Thanks girl!

I guess I'm supposed to tell you seven facts about myself. Here we go!

  • I love the characters from Angry Birds.  I'm actually not really addicted to the game, it's just the characters are so cute and funny (having said that, you need to download the new Angry Birds Space. It's awesome!). I own quite a few angry birds t shirts. Last Christmas my sister even gave me Angry Birds piggy slippers!

  • I love eating cereal in the morning. It doesn't really keep me full for long, and it's full of sugar but I feel like something's wrong with me if I've skipped it.
  • I have a tendency to analyse everyone's skin undertones. I don't believe that someone can simply be cool or warm, our skin tone is so complex and a lot of it is down to our heritage and other factors. I find it fascinating. I found this amazing post from this girl who's analysed a lot into Asian skin tones, as we often assume if someone is Asian then they are sure to have warm undertones (i.e. in the NC range in MAC). This is not necessarily true as you can have cool yellow tones, and warm yellow undertones. I think my undertones are neutral with cool yellow undertones. If you're interested, then check out her post HERE
  • I find blogging therapeutic. I love experimenting with different makeup brands and trying new things. I also love recreating certain things and just playing around with makeup when I have time. Most of all I love sharing them with you all!
  • I'm in my last year at university, currently working towards a degree in Economics. I've had a roller-coaster journey with this subject as there's a ton of maths which I dislike. In my final year I've had options to take more theory based modules, so I'm definitely enjoying more. I love my subject :)
  • I'm going to see Drake in concert tomorrow! Woohoo!! I'm quite excited. It's such a shame that the o2 arena is huge, I wish it was a tad more personal like the Wembley arena. I think it holds 20,000 people, woaaah!
  • Last of all I also LOVE to travel. I'm so lucky to have a mum who works for an airline company, so travelling to somewhere far away is something I do at least once a year. Some of my favourite holidays in my lifetime include Beijing (I did the great wall in '09), and Hong Kong, Cuba, Barbados and Mexico!
I hope you feel like know me a little more :) I tag everyone who is reading this right now to get writing! 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tip of the day - Powder your Specs!

Hey everyone,
I'm here with a quick tip of the day for anyone who experiences slippery glasses or sunglasses in the heat!  We all know that when it's hot your glasses tend to slide off your face . This happens to me especially when I'm at the gym and is so, so irritating.

Applying powder to the area where the frame sits on your nose, and to the nose pads of your glasses definitely reduces the amount it slips down your face. Best of all, you can use any powder you want! 

So there, you have it: remember to powder your nose ladies!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Review on Some of MAC's Best Selling Products - Product Fails

Hey everybody!

How are you all? Quick fact: About a year ago, I only owned a few MAC products. One of them was the limited edition Springtime Skipper eyeshadow from the Barbie Loves MAC collection in 2008, and the other being MAC mineralise skin finish in Stereo Rose, my first and favourite blusher since I was 16! Ahh, I can remember so vividly my sister was applying Stereo Rose on my cheeks for prom. *grin*
Within this past year I've purchased a lot of MAC products and in this post I'm going to talk about some of my thoughts on some of the most popular 'hyped' products that I have purchased. Today I'll be featuring 3 product fails (don't worry MAC fanatics, I'll also be doing a product rave on some MAC products soon!)

First up: MAC's paint pot in Painterly. 

I've seen a huge amount of people use this as an eyeshadow base. Painterly is supposed to be used to neutralise the eyelids prior to shadow application, and also to make your shadows last longer. Before I purchased this I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion as a base for my eyeshadows, but I was curious to try this out.
If I want my eyeshadows to last a long time, then I wouldn't use this. Instead I would use Urban Decay's primer potion. I don't really have oily lids, but for me the staying power is only about 4 hours and then it starts to crease. I probably tend to apply too much with my fingers,which is why I get creasing eyeshadows.  One thing I like about this product is that it neutralises my eyelid colour really well, making my shadows nice and vibrant. I've used this on other people before and I've noticed that you have to work with it quickly as it sets quite fast - this always makes me panic !  In the picture above you can see that the paint pot is ALREADY drying up and I purchased it about 2 months ago. :(

Second product
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC35

As you can see in the picture right above, NC35 looks orange compared to my skin even though many of you would assume that I am probably in the NC40'S zone. This is what confuses me about MAC - they aren't consistent in their foundation and concealer shades, so I have no idea what shade I am. If I had to choose my skin tone based on this studio finish concealer however, I would say I am a NC30 because NC35 looks too tanned, especially when I apply to the areas that I need to conceal. This is the main reason why studio fix disappoints me. Otherwise, coverage is heavy and effective and consistency is quite pleasant too. Unfortunately my skin is very dry and  flaky and when I apply this concealer onto dry areas (which is about 70% of my face) It highlights the dryness. All in all, it's the wrong shade and it makes my skin looks orange and accentuates the dryness. I really wouldn't recommend this for dry skin! I am only likely to wear this during the summer months.

Third product: MAC 224 eyeshadow blending brush

I think I actually squealed when I received this through the post, I had heard so much about it, and had high expectations. Unfortunately I was disappointed after using this product a few times - my brush sheds like crazy, ruining my makeup  as I have to pick broken brush hairs from my face. I expected the brush to be durable especially for the high price, but I was horrified and  disappointed. If MAC used a stronger adhesive for the brush hairs then this would be an amazing brush. It's of a large size so I wouldn't recommend this for any people with small eyes (instead, try the 217 if you're looking for a blending brush!). I have to use this brush gently and carefully (not blend the brush in many directions) in order to not get it to shed. I won't be purchasing this again.

Have you ever been disappointed by some MAC products? If so, let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading my blog :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Best Cakes I've Ever Seen!

Hey everyone!
I was just on Google earlier looking through some cool birthday cake ideas out of boredom.   I looked on a few websites and I MUST show you them! If I can ever bake this good one day, I'll make myself a pair of Louboutin's and stare at them for hours. I would probably end up trying one of the Icing shoes on!
I think these birthday cakes are kind of  like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. Personally I LOVE THEM ALL! 

Here's the photos I found from Google

What do you think? Let me know in the comments bar!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Barbie loves MAC Inspired makeup!

Hey there! How are you? I'm so excited to finally post this Barbie loves MAC inspired makeup ! The Barbie loves MAC collection came out in 2007 and I remember seeing the pictures of the models and dying of awe. The makeup is AMAZING! Even though the photos are heavily photo-shopped the colour combinations of the eye shadows are awesome.

I've always wanted to re-create this look, especially since I own one of the eyeshadows from the Barbie for MAC collection (Springtime Skipper). Yesterday I had a strong urge to finally do, so I did!


My version:

Picture from my phone: 

Products used:

How I achieved this look:

Firstly I applied a primer onto my eyes. Here I used Painterly from MAC. I accidentally over applied painterly and as you might be able to see in the pictures, my shadows creased :( I was so upset! Only apply a small amount!
Using 'spring time skipper' from MAC, I then patted this shadow onto my eyelid area, not going any higher. I used a MAC 239 brush.
Using my Manly 120 palette I used the brightest neon pink colour and applied this near the bridge of my nose and near my brow bone, towards my temples. I even included my temples. Why is it called temples? Anyway, I used a MAC 224 fluffy brush.
Then I contrasted the pink and green shadows by adding a dark brown eyeshadow in my crease area. I used Nars eyeshadow in galapogas.
I lined my eyes with MAC's liquidlast black eyeliner and an angled brush. Then I applied a flesh tone eye pencil in my waterline - MAC's NC30 kohl.
I applied some false lashes too - here I'm wearing some by Eldora.


The sun went down and I was really grumpy as my makeup always looks terrible in flash photography. I sulked for a while.
After sulking, I decided to get on with it *the show must go on* and decided to contour and shape my face to make out as if I'm extremely chiselled and cheek-boned. I used Sleek's contour kit in medium.
I then applied MAC's studio sculpt foundation in NC30 with a Real Technique's buffing brush. Using the manly palette again, I used the neon pink colour as a blush as applied it quite liberally.

I applied a bit of Stila's longwear lip colour in 'intriguing' combined with Barry M's lipstick in 146.

Do you remember the Barbie loves MAC collection? What did you think of my take on it? To be honest, I was happy the way it looked in real life, but in these photos it looks a bit washed out and subtle. Not what I wanted! I can't wait till it's summer so that I can take some better photos in the day light! 

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

General Updates!

Hey everybody! How are you all? I've changed my blog template a bit and I think it looks so much better. My original template was a little too distracting with all the crazy colours, and my blog looked a bit cramped. I've made the pictures a lot larger now, so my pictures should be nice and clear. Do let me know what you think!

Apart from that, I haven't had much free time to blog, especially since my dissertation deadline is approaching FAST! Ten thousand words of economic sense has to be written within the next few weeks. AHHH!!! Not to worry, I've done 800 so far. Quite a slow start but sometimes, slow is the way to go. I'll get there in the end :) Anywhoo I've been quite busy with revision for some tests too (one on Thursday, wish me luck!), so I haven't had much time to experiment with makeup looks. Can't wait till all of this stress is over!

During this time, I've thought of some new ideas for my blog:

1) I'm thinking of doing a "Sari Series", which is where I'll be doing a bunch of  makeup looks that are tailored for a specific design or colour of a sari (Indian woman's outfit!). My mum owns so many gorgeous sari's and the colours and sequins are amazing. I think it'll be really fun to create the look onto my eyes. I will be starting my sari series around the beginning of April this year. Can't wait!

2) Since I watch a ton of makeup videos on YouTube, I'm contemplating on having my weekly top video discoveries. They will be the top videos that have inspired me. Once I discover something or someone amazing online, I want everyone to appreciate them too!

3) More outfits of the day? I'm not gonna lie, I tried to do this a few times in the past and it just felt wrong for me. Perhaps it's because I'm comfortable with my makeup skills so I don't mind posting photos about makeup. But with fashion, well I'm not really that confident with showing it off online. I know that there's not really a standard and that you don't have to be amazing , but I'm still frightened! Perhaps if I'm wearing a particularly nice outfit I might post it on here. It'll be a rare thing though!

4) Monthly favourites. I think it would be fun to let you all know about the products that I'm currently using this month. 

That's all for now! I have a product review coming up soon on a body oil that I was sent. Can't wait to tell you guys all about it! But for now, AdiĆ³s!