Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Golden Brown

Hey everyone! It's been over a week since I last blogged but it feels like waaay longer,  I apologise! I have been a little lazy to be honest :)

Here are some pictures of a gold and copper smokey eye that I wore out to a party recently. I wanted to use more afforable brands, so I decided to use Sleek's I-divine eyeshadow palette as the main colours on my lid. I always forget how amazing these eyeshadows are! If anyone is on a budget and is looking for some good quality eyeshadows, then the I would recommend the Sleek original palette hands-down. It is sold at Superdrug in the UK for £6.49 and you get 12 beautiful eyeshadows. That's 54p per eyeshadow! 

I've used the Sleek Originial I-divine palette before, so if you haven't already seen it, then you can see it here:

Initially I wanted to base my whole entire eye makeup on the Sleek palette, but I really like to use a combination of matte and shimmery shades in my looks, and unfortunately the original I-divine palette doesn't offer any matte shades. This lead me to use my trusted eyeshadow from MAC, called texture. It's the best eyeshadow I've found for a warm transition colour and it blends easily. I prefer it to buck and naked from the Urban Decay naked palette, although If I had to work on people on lighter skin tones, then I would use the latter shades more.
On top of the gold eyeshadow I used a patted a bit of myfacecosmetics Blingtone in gilt-y. It added a sparkling dimension which the camera fails to capture :( *sigh*
I threw on some HUGE lashes to add some more impact. A little too large for my liking personally but they were the only ones I could find!
Also I'm wearing Sleek's lipstick in Barely There, which is the neutral but pretty pink lipstick that is lovely with darker skin tones. It's highly pigmented and photographs beautifully!

How to achieve this look:

  • I applied an eyeshadow base by MAC called painterly all over my eyelids
  • Using a MAC 239 eyeshadow brush I then patted on the yellow-gold and pink-gold eyeshadows from the I-divine original palette. I applied this up to about half my lid space
  • Using a MAC 219 pencil brush, I then defined my crease by using the copper and bronze colours from the I-divine palette. I traced out a circular shape for my crease and then blended this away using a fluffy MAC 217 brush
  • I then wiped my 217 brush clean and used a bit of MAC's eyeshadow in texture above where I placed the brown colours above my crease to help blend out the colours.
  • I applied a bling tone in gilt-y on top of the gold eyeshadow to make it a little more glamorous :)
  • I then applied a MAC kohl in smoulder on my waterline and tight line, and top lid
  • Then I applied some Eldora eyelashes with Ardell glue, using tweezers
Face and lips
  • I applied MAC Face + Body in C5 foundation over my face with an E.L.F stipple brush
  • Using the same brush I added a bit of powder over my T-zone. I used E.L.F's complexion perfection powder
  • Then I applied my blush and used a bright pink by Sleek called flamingo 
  • I contoured my face using Sleek's contour kid in medium
  • I then highlighted my nose, cupids bow and cheekbones using Benefit's highlighter in girl meets pearl
And that's all for now! Have you used Sleek's I-divine palette before? I own quite a few of their palettes and I definitely use the original and storm palettes the most!
Thanks for popping by! 

Much love, 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Product Rave: Bling Tones and 3 lipstick options to pair with a dramatic smokey eye!

Hey there!
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was totally lazy, although yesterday I was feeling creative and decided to do my first smokey eye using black. I've always been afraid to do a smokey eye using black as I was under the illusion that I would just look punched. But this simply isn't true- as long as you apply dark eyeshadow on your lid and not too much above then it should be fine :D In the post I have a bit of a product rave as well as a look for you.
I finally used a product that I actually won in a competition last year, but never used. It's from the brand Myfacecosmetics and it's called 'bling tone'. They are beautiful sparkly eyeshadows that I find work well to add a bit of oomph to your eyeshadow . I own two of their bling tones, the first is in "gilt-y" a lovely yellow gold colour and the second in "black ice". I thought black ice is would look beautiful on top of a smokey eye, give it a wet eyeshadow look, which is currently big on trend.

Here are some swatches of the bling tone in black ice:

swatch at the top: applied heavily
swatch at the bottom: one swipe 

As you can see from the swatches, the eyeshadow has a blue undertones, and is similar to a gunmetal colour. With me being a warmed toned kinda gal I didn't think this would really flatter me. However after applying this on top of my eyeshadow I was surely impressed! 
I feature this bling tone in the pictures below, where I simply patted the bling tone on with my fingers onto my eyelids. The consistency was buttery and smooth and there was no fall out with glitter at all. WIN! Certainly a beautiful product. You can purchase bling tones from stores such as Boots in the UK or here online: http://www.myfacecosmetics.co.uk/blingtones

Here are some pictures of me with dramatic eyeshadow. I am wearing the bling tone in black ice over the lid (where you can see sparkles!). 

I decided to show 3 ways you can wear a dark smokey eye.

First method: neutral lips

Here I paired up the dramatic smokey eye with a neutral pink lipstick. I am wearing Barely There by Sleek, a lipstick that I actually wear at least twice a week for the past 9 months! It's my holy grail! This lipstick is the choice I would most likely choose with this smokey eye, because it allows the focus to remain on the dramatic eyes and not so much on the lips.

Second method: bold eyes, bold lips

For a very dramatic and statement look, I paired up the smokey eye with a bright red lipstick. Here I used another favourite of mine, Ruby Woo from MAC cosmetics. When you're doing makeup it's a general rule that you should focus on one particular feature on the face, so I guess I'm breaking the rules here by wearing both a dramatic eye and lip together. However  I think red goes surprisingly well with this black smokey eye. I'm not wild enough to wear this out with a red lip, but I felt like a million bucks wearing it in my room! Haha!

Third method: ombre pink lips

Finally, I decided to do ombre lips with this look, with ombre meaning when you apply a darker shade of colour on the outer corner of your lips, and towards the centre you apply a lighter shade. To marry the two colours together, I find that lipgloss makes the transition a bit smoother. I used Dior lip gloss in sparkle shine.  wanted to use a hot pink because I've never really worn this shade for my blog before! 

How to achieve this eyeshadow look:

  1. I applied an eyeshadow base to make the eyeshadow last longer. I applied Painterly from MAC cosmetics
  2. Using a Real Techniques shading brush, I applied a matte black eyeshadow to my entire lid. I used a matte black eyeshadow from Sleek's I-divine eyeshadow palette in Original
  3. Using a fluffy brush, I then blended the eyeshadow  upwards, to smoke the look out. I used a MAC 217 brush.
  4. Using an eyeshadow by MAC cosmetics called Mulch, I applied this above the crease so that it acts as a transition colour from the black eyeshadow to my brow bone. I used this colour as it adds a bit of warmth into the look. I used a MAC 224 brush.
  5. I then added a high-lighted my brow bone by adding a sheer white eyeshadow with golden flecks. I used an eyeshadow from the Manly Palette. I used a MAC 217 brush.
  6. I applied MAC kohl in Smoulder to my waterline, and then added 3/4 coats of Clinique's High Lengths mascara in black
  7. Next I highlighted the inner corners of my eyes by applying a small amount of MAC's pigment in Naked. I used a small brush to apply this - MAC 219 brush
  8. I then applied the bling tone in black ice by Myfacecosmetics. I used my finger to pat this onto my lid.

How would you rock this look? Have you tried Bling Tones before? 
Let me know in the comments box! 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Natural Valentine's Quick Look!

Hey everyone! 
Here's a few photos of the makeup I'm wearing today for Valentine's Day. It didn't take me long to do at all, and I think it could also be nice for an every day look too.

Of course I didn't buy the roses for myself.
My forehead is HUUUGEEEEE. Anywho!

I used the Manly eyeshadow palette which is about £10-15 on Ebay. Why is it called Manly? Shouldn't it be called WOmanly?
The reason why I didn't want to use my other shadow brands such as MAC or Urban Decay was because I just wanted a wash of colour, and I sometimes feel like that high-end eyeshadow brands are sometimes so pigmented that my look becomes too overpowering. Thus, my Manly palette was here to the rescue, and  I applied the eyeshadows by using a fluffy (217 mac) brush and sweeping the colour on. I used a cream eye-liner (Mac NC30 eye-liner) in my waterline to make them look  bigger and brighter. At first I thought I looked a bit strange, but then I applied a bit of Nars eyeshadow in galapagos on my lower lash line to balance it out, and I do like the effect it gives :)

Products used:


  • Mac Face + Body in C5
  • Sleek blush in sunset
  • Benefit highlighter in girl meets pearl
  • Sleek contour kit in medium
  • Mac kohl in smoulder
  • Mac eyeliner in NC30
  • Mac gel liner in blacktrack
  • Revlon mascara 
  • Manly 120 eyeshadow palette
  • Nars eyeshadow in Galapogas
  • Bobbi Brown correcter in peach

  • Mac lipstick in 40's pink 

Whether you're single and ready to mingle, or enjoying it with your loved one, 
make sure you enjoy yourself today!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston Tribute Makeup - I Wanna Dance With Somebody!

Hey everyone! 

I was devastated when I found out this morning that Whitney Houston passed away. :'( . It seems like all these legendary singers are passing away so soon , it was only a few days ago that Etta James also passed away. RIP Whitney.

I was watching her music videos on YouTube earlier, when I realised how incredibly fun and vibrant Whitney's makeup is in her "I wanna dance with somebody" music video. It really inspired me to create a fun 80's look, so I quickly this this look before the sun went down! Natural lighting pictures FTW (for the win!)  


My version: 
No flash

Products used:

  • MAC eyeshadow in texture
  • MAC eyeshadow in belle azure
  • MAC eyeshadow in springtime skipper
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in graffiti
  • Sleek Avoir la Peche eyeshadow palette
  • Sleek Acid eyeshadow palette
  • MAC zoom lash
  • Gosh eye pencil
  • Topshop gold highlighter in sunbeam
  • Bobbi Brown corrector in peach
  • MAC lipstick in vegas volt
  • MAC lipglass
  • MAC studio sculpt foundation in NC30
  • Myfacecosmetics blusher in paridiso pink

Thanks for checking out my blog!
RIP Whitney Houston.
Ayesha xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yellow Eyes!

Hey everyone!

I was browsing through some pictures from last year and came across some snaps I took last February. I didn't have a blog last Feb, so I figured that I might as well post them now! I remember being inspired by Rihanna in the 'Who's That Chick' music video:

Retrospectively, it does seem similar to Nicki Minaj's makeup in her Super Bass video:

So here are the pictures from last year (WOAH my hair was short!) : 

Are you a fan of bright yellow eyeshadow, or is it not your thing? Let me know in the comments!
Ayesha xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Makeup Inspiration: Cassie

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing in this dreary winter weather? as I much I love the snow, it's more of an annoyance for me as I don't really have any appropriate foot wear. Wearing my converse trainers in the snow is terrible, but luckily I haven't slipped...yet!
I'm back with a makeup inspiration post, and this time it's the singer Cassie. Ever since she's had her undercut hairstyle (shaved half her head!)  she's been more daring and adventurous with her makeup,  and tends to rock a cat-eye shape.

images from google
She looks incredible! her makeup artist really focuses on highlighting around the centre of her face to create a glow, and also accentuates her eyes by creating large cat-eye shapes, adding width to her eye shape.

Thanks for checking out my blog :D
Ayesha xxxx

Friday, 3 February 2012

Product Review and Rave: Sexy Mother pucker

Hey everybody! I'm so happy it's the weekend! 

 I'm back with a product rave from the brand 'Soap and Glory'. This is the first product I've ever tried from the brand, so I didn't really know what to expect in terms of quality but much to my surprise I was impressed! This product is a lip plumping gloss which is supposed to make your lips larger. Now, I've tried some plumping lip glosses  before, and so once I applied this gloss,  I expected the harsh stinging feeling that I usually experience. 

The difference between this gloss and a regular plumping lip gloss is this one doesn't product a stingy feeling. Instead it makes your lips VIBRATE/PULSATE! It was an odd but awesome experience! I even stared in the mirror for a few moments to check if its possible to see my lips moving. After intense concentration,  I could see them pulsating slightly! 

The shade that I have is called "Candy Gloss". I guess it's supposed to be a play on the word candy floss, in the same way as mother pucker and [mother ******] . I like the cheeky play on the words though, thumbs up to Soap & Glory!

This lip gloss has a beautiful pink colour which isn't too over powering. The longevity of this lip gloss is immense, the reason being is because this lip gloss is very, very sticky. For me, this isn't really a problem but if you have issues with sticky lipgloss then I wouldn't recommend this to you. 

However if your lips need a bit of a plumping boost and you looking something that will last for hours, and don't mind a lip gloss having a sticky feeling,  then this might just be perfect for you!
here are some pictures of the sexy mother pucker:

psst: product was purchased with my own money

 Did you feel like a sexy Mother Pucker whilst wearing this gloss?


Thanks for reading my blog, 
Take care and have a great weekend! 
Ayesha xxx