Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tip of the day - Eyebrow grooming

Hey everyone! Here's a little tip that has to do with eyebrow grooming. Instead of buying a clear mascara or brow gel to groom through your eyebrows, a cheaper alternative is to use bit of hairspray onto a clean toothbrush, and comb your brows through. This will hold and really tame your brows.

Hope this helped!


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope everyone's having a fantastic day so far full of food, family and fun. I know I certainly am! I've just had christmas dinner with the family, and waay too many desserts. Now I'm watch Dr. Who and sipping on jasmine tea. Life is good.
I  still can't believe 2011 is coming to an end.

Here are a few pictures i took earlier of some of the christmas decorations.

Ahhh I love Christmas! I may not be a christian, but for me christmas is all about family coming together, eating tasty food and feeling good watching telly. Okay,  I have include presents too LOL

Lots of love xxx

Friday, 23 December 2011

5 Beauty Purchasing tips!

When it comes to buying makeup products, us consumers can often be baffled as to what to choose. There is so much choice in the beauty industry nowadays that it can be a tad overwhelming.

I'm going to list the common 'faults' we tend to make and my come up with my own solutions!


You've assumed the woman at the counter is an expert and believe her word, so if your foundation shade is completely wrong, it's her fault!  A lot of the time when you ask for a foundation match for your skin, stores like MAC have artificial lighting, so any foundation match won't be very accurate.
If you've trusted women at makeup counters to match your foundation correctly and have been disappointed in the past, after they apply foundation to an area of your face, tell them you'll come back and decide. In the meantime go outside in the natural lighting and see how well the foundation sits onto your face, and see if it matches well to your neck.
I know from experience that Estee Lauder do a thorough face match, which is great as they really analyse your undertones and find the appropriate shade. They even let you have a 7 day sample if you ask nicely!

 You buy a product as it claims that "90% of women could see a drastic effect bla bla blah...” but once you try it home, you realise it wasn't a miracle product or worth your money. 
Do your research on products beforehand! Websites such as offer great advice from all kinds of women around the world. If you have oily skin and want to try the new MAC foundation, it's likely to have some reviews from some girls with similar skin types to you. If you're last minute about everything and have a Smartphone, quickly Google the product and see how high the ratings are on makeup alley!

The product looked and seemed amazing at the store, but now that I’ve purchased it and used it, it lacks pigmentation
Always test products before you purchase them, regardless! I always walk into Superdrug, swatch all the Sleek makeup and then awkwardly request for a baby wipe (LOL) but at least I know how the product turns out on my skin tone. Beware and don't swatch lipstick tester on your lips...or try out mascaras, unless you're willing to catch rabies!

You purchase a ton of bright and bold eyeshadows, only to realise months later that you'll never wear such bold colours.
Bright eyeshadows and makeup can be bold and beautiful, but if you're the type of person to purchase some products and never use them, think twice when buying bright makeup and generally, most people will be less reluctant to use them. Instead, investing in neutral coloured eyeshadows, for example taupe browns and beige colours will result in you being more likely to use what you buy!

You will always steer clear from buying red lipsticks. You have tried on your mum's red lipstick once and thought you looked like crusty the clown. Now you're convinced red lipstick will always look horrific on you, no matter what shade
Did you know that there are so many different shades and undertones of red lipstick that are can suit all different skin tones? I know of so many girls that are convinced red lipstick is a no-no for them, but they just haven’t found the right red for them. Lipsticks can have either a blue base, or a warm base, and the rule is generally that women that are warm skinned (i.e. women that have yellow undertones in their skin colour or have green veins instead of blue) are better suited to lipsticks with a warm undertones. In this case a red lipstick with orange undertones. An example of this is MACs lipstick in 'Lady Danger'
On the other hand women who are cool toned with red undertones in their skin (or blue veins) are better suited to lipsticks that are cool toned. An example of this can be MAC's 'Russian Red'

Quick fact: Lipsticks with cool tones are known for making teeth look significantly whiter!

Women who are neutral toned i.e. not cool toned or warm tend to suit both types
this is the general rule, and I have noticed that for me although I think I am warm toned, do wear cool toned lipstick and suit me fine.

I hope this helped anyone!
Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Versace For H&M Spring/Summer 2012 Preview!

Hey everyone! So I had a lazy day chilling at home, sipping on tea and watching youtube tutorials online...that's about it really! LOL. Ahh you've gotta love these lazy Christmas holidays though - I know for sure that this time next year I'll be working  my butt cheeks off and I'll probably really miss this freedom.
I came across the Versace for H&M spring/summer 2012 collection which im very excited about. In particular, I find the mens clothing a lot more'classic' than the female clothing, in a good way of course. *sigh* If only I were a boy...
Again, i'm not sure about all the clothes, but there are a few goodies that I've got my eyes on!
Enough with the rambling, here's the collection: 

Mens collection
love this classy manbag!

LOVE this one!

Women's collection

If only these earrings didn't have the butterfly on them! ARGH!

What are all your thoughts about the Spring/Summer collection? The release date for this collection is Jan 19th, and will be sold in various h&ms around London and online.

Will you be purchasing anything?
I hope you're all getting into the Xmas spirit!
Ayesha xxx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Wooooo!!!!!!

I am OBSESSED with this lipstick! Prior to purchasing this beautiful red colour, I read reviews on-line about how it compliments all types of skin tones. That's when I knew that I HAD to purchase this matte red lipstick. When it came through the post I was in love! This lipstick screams "look at me". Daring much? I certainly think so!
So, you all know about my fear of wearing red lipstick out in public due to it's boldness.
Well. Guess. What.  I WORE IT OUT!!! To my friends' birthday at a restaurant! Wooohoooooooo thumbs up to confidence! I'll definitely wear it out again! During the event, I accidentally forgot to put the lipstick in my bag, so I couldn't top up during the event but the colour didn't budge off my lips, even after I ate like a hippo :)
So there you have it, Ruby Woo is my holy grail lipstick! Here are some pictures of me doing a Christmas kind of inspired look featuring Ruby Woo - I must admit that the flash makes the lipstick appear to look more like a cherry red: it's actually deeper. 

Ladies - you know how great we all feel when we wear red lipstick. So go on, put it on and ROCK OUT!

‎"Don't be too serious: It's only makeup! "
-Fran├žois Nars

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Silver Smokey Eye!

Hey everybody :)
Here's a random picture I found of a silver smokey eye I did last month. I cant find the other pictures as I think  I might have accidentally deleted them. But here's one anyway!

Eyeshadows: MAC electra, Urban Decay Gunmetal, Sleek black eyeshadow

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Makeup Inspiration of the Day: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj: Some people love her, some people hate her, other's don't know who she is - but its safe to say that we can all agree on her daring and adventurous makeup looks she likes to play off. Her signature look seems to be the glittered eye-liner she rocks on her lower lash-line, and a 'barbie' light or bright pink lipstick. The combination of both gives off a playful fun look.

Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin for MAC's Viva La Glam makeup campaign. 

Daring and adventurous? I think so! It's nice to see celebrities take risks now and then.

What are your opinions about her makeup?