Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Yellow + Orange rose inspired

Hey everybody! I'm back with a bright and colourful makeup look today :) similar to one of my other posts I've done before, but it's one of my all time favourite looks like I wear every now and again.

Hope you enjoy!


Eyeshadow: Sleek Sunset Palette, Nars eyeshadow in 'Galapogas'
Eyeliner: MAC fluid line in 'Black Track'
Foundation: Nars Sheer glow foundation in 'Barcelona'
Mascara: Clinique High Lengths mascara
Blush: Sleek blush in 'Flamingo'
Lipstick: Sleek lipstick in 'Barely There'

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Makeup Inspiration of the Day: Jessica Alba

Hey everyone! I stumbled across some pictures of Jessica Alba at the Armani Hotel Milano opening, and was lovestruck when I saw her makeup!

Jessica's makeup looks stunning in these pictures, and this is a perfect example of how glittery eyeshadow can look beautiful and classy. She wears a subtle lipstick and blush colour to ensure that the focus is very much only on the sparkly eyes, which is an important tip when it comes to makeup: If you don't want your makeup to be too loud, focus on one feature whilst keeping it neutral. 
In these pictures, it's hard to tell whether she's wearing blush, but one thing's for sure: her makeup artist has definitely drawn attention to her face by sculpting her cheekbones in. This naturally draws attention to her face without being as obvious as blusher, and it clearly looks amazing on Jessica!

What do you think of her makeup?
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