Monday, 17 October 2011

Cat's love makeup too...

It was a normal and boring Sunday whereby I just sat on my lazy bum the whole day, poking people on Facebook. Meh . Next thing I know, I turn around to see my cat using my makeup. He is clutching my makeup brush and sweeping eyeshadow on his lid in an elegant manner. 
WTF is this, Inception?!?!

AHHHHH, I kid I kid! If only...! You fell for it...right?? :D :D Well.

My kitty Benny likes to sleep in funky positions. This time he was stretching both arms out, so I gently altered them so that he looks like a makeup addict. Of course I had to take pictures!

N.B. No kitty was harmed during the making.

Benny Buggles: International Celebrity Makeup Artist

He does find his job tiring sometimes...

Paws have the perfect grip for brush holding:

To bronze or not to bronze, that is the question.

My cat is aweeesoommeeee. If this is the first time you've ever heard of Mr Buggles, be sure to check out my older post featuring him:


On a different note, has anyone noticed that I've passed 2000 views? I can't believe it's been two months already, and having over 2000 views is incredible. So thanks to everyone who's passed by and to those who check my blog regularly. Also thanks for all your time and lovely comments!! I'm so happy!!

My reaction after I realised I hit over 2000 views: 

Thanks for reading!!!!!