Sunday, 30 October 2011

Purple Smokey Eye!

Hey everyone! 

I think I'm a little crazy about purple recently. I'm even contemplating dying my hair purple again. 



Here are some pictures of a shimmery purple smokey eye i did using Sleek and Urban Decay eyeshadows.

All over the lid: Sleek original eye divine palette (champagne colour) topped with 'Midnight Cowboy Rides Again' by Urban Decay
eyelid crease: Sleek original eye divine (black), 'Buck' by Urban Decay
MAC fluidline in 'Black Track'
MAC kohl in 'Smoulder'
Clinque 'High Lengths' mascara
Nars Sheer Glow foundation in 'Barcelona'
Rimmel lipstick in 'Diva Red'
Sleek lipstick in 'Barely There' in centre and blended
Sleek blush in 'Stiletto'
Highlight (applied to cheekbones and bridge of nose)
Benefit 'Girl Meets Pearl'

All these makeup posts are becoming too predictable. I think I'll post some more 'outfits of the day' to spice things up. Or maybe more features from Benny Buggles. Either way, I'll work on it.

Watch this space!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and Happy Halloween for tomorrow!!!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Purple + Gold look

Hey guys! Here are some pictures of a purple and gold look I created. I found this one quite challenging, but i'm quite happy with the way it turned out! Let me know what you think  :)

Thanks for reading! :) 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bollywood Green Smokey Eye

Hey everyone!
This is just a quick post showing a green smokey eye that I wore to my cousins wedding this weekend. Yipee! I used a loose green pigment as the main colour on  my lid. I normally find loose shadows annoying, but recently it's the only thing I've been using, especially with a damp eyeshadow brush. Loose pigments generally tend to be more intense.
 p.s: how do you like the bindi on my forehead? ;)

Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow in 'Barcelona'
Concealer: Bobby Brown correcter in 'Peach', MAC NC35 studio fix concealer
Eyeshadow: MAC paint pot in 'Rollickin', Becca jewel dust in 'Luella' (used wet), Urban Decay eyeshadow in 'Creep', Urban Decay 'Naked' and 'Buck', Nars eyeshadow in 'Galapogas'
Eyeliner: MAC kohl pencil in 'Smoulder'
Blush: Sleek blush in 'Scandalous'
Lipstick: lips firstly muted out with concealer, then Sleek's lipstick in 'Barely There'
Lipgloss: Sally Hansen lip inflation

Thanks for checking out my blog!!! 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Cat's love makeup too...

It was a normal and boring Sunday whereby I just sat on my lazy bum the whole day, poking people on Facebook. Meh . Next thing I know, I turn around to see my cat using my makeup. He is clutching my makeup brush and sweeping eyeshadow on his lid in an elegant manner. 
WTF is this, Inception?!?!

AHHHHH, I kid I kid! If only...! You fell for it...right?? :D :D Well.

My kitty Benny likes to sleep in funky positions. This time he was stretching both arms out, so I gently altered them so that he looks like a makeup addict. Of course I had to take pictures!

N.B. No kitty was harmed during the making.

Benny Buggles: International Celebrity Makeup Artist

He does find his job tiring sometimes...

Paws have the perfect grip for brush holding:

To bronze or not to bronze, that is the question.

My cat is aweeesoommeeee. If this is the first time you've ever heard of Mr Buggles, be sure to check out my older post featuring him:


On a different note, has anyone noticed that I've passed 2000 views? I can't believe it's been two months already, and having over 2000 views is incredible. So thanks to everyone who's passed by and to those who check my blog regularly. Also thanks for all your time and lovely comments!! I'm so happy!!

My reaction after I realised I hit over 2000 views: 

Thanks for reading!!!!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kelly Rowland Cosmopolitan Magazine inspired look!

Hey Everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend so far. Yesterday I purchased Cosmopolitan magazine with Kelly Rowland on the front cover- she looks so beautiful and glowing. I decided to recreate her look, in particular her eye makeup as the gold/champagne colour she is wearing looks incredible. Although she wore a red lip, I chose not to on this occasion as my tan has faded and I'm looking as pale as ever. I think I will feature a red lip look soon, as I've just ordered Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC! 
Inspiration pictures: 

My snaps: 
 ( don't know what that random silver line is down  my eye...weird :/) 

Products used:

Foundation: Nars Sheer glow in 'Barcelona'
Concealer: MAC  Studio Finish concealer in 'NC35'. Bobby Brown correcter in 'Peach'
Eyebrows: MUA: clear mascara (used to tame beastly brows)
Eyeliner: MAC eye kohl in 'Smoulder', MAC fluid line in 'Black Track'
Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Book of Shadows volume 2: 'YDK' all over the lid with 'Twice Baked' in the crease, and Sleek's contour kit in medium (brown shade) to blend outwards with.
Blush: Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold', Sleek blush in 'Flamingo'
Highlighter (applied to cheek bones and under brow bone): Nars blush in 'Gold Member'
Lipstick: Combination of MAC '40's Pink' lipstick, Sleek 'Barely There' lipstick and Tom Ford lipstick in 'Pink Dusk'.

Oh yeah I'm also wearing falsies from Eldora but  I  can't remember the name of them as I lost the packaging!

Anywaaay, thanks for reading!! 
( I really need to stop with the cheesy ending, but I actually mean it..THAAANK YOUU!!!!!!!)
OK bye :) xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Product Rave: Vegas Volt

 Hey everyone! Here's a quick product rave about a lipstick from MAC called 'Vegas Volt' that I've fallen in love with. This is a orangey coral colour that is very pigmented and bright, but definitely wearable! The colour is strong so any natural colour from your lips will not show with this lipstick when applied (which I love). I usually only wear nude or pink shades so this is a great change from the usual colours I go for. Below is a picture of me wearing Vegas Volt in natural lighting. The lipstick is waay brighter in real life, but I couldn't really capture it :/

eheh excuse the puffy eyes, it was early morning!
I've even used this lipstick as a blush by rubbing the lipstick firstly onto my fingers and then sweeping onto the apples of my cheek, blending well. 

Thanks for reading my blog!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gunmetal Smokey Eye

Hey Everyone!
Don't you love a Smokey Eye? I mean, who doesn't right! As the seasons are changing and the weather is more miserable and 'meh', naturally I feel less enthused to wear bright, fun colours. Doh! Below are some pictures of a silvery Smokey Eye I created. For this look I used the Naked Palette from Urban Decay. I don't own many eyeshadows so this is something I always run to in times of need. With an RRP of £32 for 12 eyeshadows, a mini eye primer and an eyeshadow brush, I think this palette is perfect for value and quality for any girl who doesn't own much makeup, but would like to experiment with different neutral shadows. My own criticism is that there are only 2 matte shades and the other 10 shadows are all shimmery. However the 2 matte shades they have are shadows that I use almost daily, so they are really great. The rest of the shimmery shadows have a beautiful texture and are complimentary to all skin tones.
image courtesy of Debenhams online,

 First I applied the gunmetal grey eyeshadow all over my lid. Then, since I wanted the eyeshadow to have a metallic sheen, I dampened my eyeshadow brush in the smallest amount of water and then dipped the brush into a sparkly champagne coloured eyeshadow. The process of wetting an eyeshadow before application is called foiling and is great if you want to intensify a colour. Then with a more precise tapered eyeshadow brush I added a black shadow onto my outer corner of my eyes and kept blending the colours together. Finally to blend everything upwards seamlessly I used a matte brown and beige colour with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.Eyeshadows used: Urban Decay Sidecar, Naked , Buck, Gunmetal and creep
Mascara: Clinique High Lengths mascara
Eyeliner: MAC smoulder eye kohl
Foundation: Nars Sheerglow in 'Barcelona'
Blush: Sleek blusher in 'Stiletto'
Lipstick: Tom Ford lipstick in 'Pink Dusk'
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I’m looking forward to this week but I’ll be busy with lectures and classes as I’m about to start my final year at uni . These hols went by so quickly but I’m looking forward to uni life all again J

thanks for reading!!! 

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Quick Beach Makeup!

Hi everyone!

I cant believe how awesome the weather is in England at the moment. A heat wave in October. Really? I'm not complaining (though my hair is...damn humidity keeps frizzing me up!! o.O).

Me and my friends decided to take advantage of the sunshine and head to the beach. I rarely go to the beach, so I was actually quite excited, Woo! I put together a quick and waterproof (ish) look and here are some pics:

This took  me about 3 minutes to do. I applied a cream long wearing eyeshadow with my fingers all over my lid firstly . I didn't want to use any powder shadows because they would fade easily if water splashes onto my eyes. Next I applied a slick of gel liner with an eyeliner brush. No mascara since the ones I own aren't waterproof. I applied concealer under my panda dark circle eyes and a dusty pink lipstick colour, topped with lipbalm.

Products used:
Mac studio fix concealer in NC35
Sleek blusher in 'Rose Gold'
Mac lipstick in '40's pink'
Lipbalm: Carmex original
Eyeshadow: Stila smudge pot in 'Kitten'
Eyebrows: MUA clear mascara/brow gel

I hope everyone in England is enjoying the perfect weather. As much as we all love to have fun in the sun, its also very important to always wear an SPF to protect your skin. Even when it is cloudy, UV rays can damage our skin. Try and buy a facial moisturiser with an SPF of at least 30 in the summer, and 15 throughout the rest of the seasons. In these pictures I packed on my moisturiser which had an SPF of 15, and wore a hat at the beach to prevent sunburn :)


Anyone notice anything different (perhaps better) about my face in the pictures above? Remember the GHASTLY eyebrows I've had since the beginning of this blog? I finally decided it was time to get them threaded. They were going through 'rehab' for a while as the shape was all funky, but they're back to normal again and I think they look sooooooo much better! Waheyy for big, bold eyebrows!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, thank you for checking out my blog!!!
much love xxxx