Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My cousin's prom makeup!

So I decided to upload some pictures that I took when I did my cousins prom makeup last month. I wanted the look to be natural and girly, so I used the naked palette (GOD this is the only thing I use?!!?).  Anyway, here are some pics!

Foundation: MAC studio sculpt NC30
Concealer: Bobby Brown corrector in peach
Blusher: MAC mineralise skin finish in Stereo Rose
Lips: Eyeko lipgloss in portobello road
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked palette - toasted and hustle
Mascara: Maxfactor false lash effect
Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24 7 liner in zero

I feel like you can't go wrong when using natural tones, they really compliment any skin tone. As much as I love the Naked Palette, I've been using the colours continuously now and...they're failing to fascinate me o.O

I'm now looking for something else on the market. I might be purchasing my first MAC palette ever soon, since they offer such a huge range of colours, or alternatively the brand 'Inglot' which is sold in Westfield is supposed to have amazing colours too.  Regardless, I'll keep you updated !!

Hope you had an awesome bank holiday!!
Thanks for reading! <3

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bored, feeling creative (again!)

Heya :)
I got bored at home so just improvised and did a crazy makeup look with dramatic lashes. 
I decided to add a pop of blue on the bottom of my lashes, just for fun.
I'm not really happy with the turnout of the look but I decided to upload it anyway :/
I used Sleek's sunset palette and on the bottom lashes I used Nars Tropic eyeshadow.
I am wearing Girl's Aloud Eyelure lashes (can't remember which ones).
I'm wearing no foundation or concealer 

Finally, I tried a pink lipstick (Pink nouveau by MAC) and definitely preferred the look with a nude lipstick

ehehehe sorry if I look a bit possessed in these pictures! My household had unexpected guests so I had to quickly take a few pics, then scrub the makeup off my face before they would judge me! HAHA!

Thanks for reading!!
Hope you enjoyed the weekend :) xxx

Artistic and Inspiring Makeup trend 2011- Christian Dior

Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2011

This pictures really represent creativity at it's best. It's a little overboard ,but  one thing's for sure: its GORGEOUS!!! Makeup artist Pat Mcgrath did these gorgeous looks:

Autumn Makeup Trends

As August is coming to an end and weather begins to get dull and duller, so does our make up :(

I am a fan of bright, bold colours and would wear them throughout the year regardless of the weather, but it's always interesting to find out what's on trend this fall.  Here are the makeup trends for autumn 2011:

  1. Plum or burgundy coloured lips. 

2. Metallic smoky eyes, my favourite! 


Vera Wang

3. Pretty pink lips:

Moschino Cheap & Chic autumn/winter 2011

Thanks for reading! xxx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bold lip and neutral eyes!

so I was sitting there, with my Kim Kardashian makeup look and then randomly decided to spice things up by slapping some red lipstick on my face (LOL!)

I actually used two shades of red, one darker shade on the outer corners of my lip and a lighter red, almost pink in the centre. this is an awesome trick which makes your lip appear to be naturally fuller. I really liked the look and I think it goes AWESOME with red lips!

A lot of girls wear red lipstick and are usually unsure of how to style out their eyes, since indeed the red lip is bold and you don't want to seem over the top by doing too much on your eyes too (unless you're extremely daring!)

But I think a neutral eye shadow and a huge flick of eye liner with a bold lip is the perfect combination.
Anyway I was happy with the outcome and took some more pictures!
Lips: Stila long wearing lipstick in pink and Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in Diva red.

mum took a picture of me..YES im pretending to apply make up hahaaa

I got bored (AGAIN) and decided to add a very peachy coloured lipstick, just to check out how it would look on red lips...and AGAIN i love the colour!
Here is a final picture of my eyes and me wearing Sleek's Peaches & Cream on top of red lipstick.

How do you feel about wearing red lipstick? Do you like to experiment with lip colours too?

Thanks for reading!!

Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup look!

Kim Kardashian looked amazing in her wedding photos. Not many pictures have been released yet since she sold them to People Magazine, however the few pictures on the net really inspired me to do a look based on the lovely neutral colours:

image courtesy of celebutopia

I don't own many neutral colours but luckily I do own the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I found great for this look. In particular the colour "buck" was great on the crease and "naked" was perfect to blend out with.

I started off with applying Urban Decay's Primer Potion onto my lids and with a eyeliner brush i traced out the shape of the crease using the matt brown shade buck. Once I was happy with the shape I used a blending brush to buff away the harsh edges.
Next I applied more of the eye shadow onto my crease  with an angled brush again, because I wanted to get more definition back in the crease, which slightly faded from blending previously.
I applied another brown colour with a red undertone, this time I put this closer to the inner half of my crease (in the direction towards my nose). Here I just used Sleek's contour kit in Medium. I blended with a fluffy brush.
the shadow naked was used as a subtle transition towards my brow-bone, and as a highlight I used virgin.
as the main colour i used 'half baked' mixed in with the matte peach and white from the Sleek Paraguaya palette.

I lined my eyes with a black eyeliner pencil on the top and white on the waterline, added mascara ( I used Givency's Phenomen'Eyes mascara) and applied wispie lashes from red cherry. I redefined eyebrows with a matte brown eye shadow.

Then I applied foundation, concealer and blusher!

Foundation: Inglot Mousse foundation
Blusher: Sleek Flamingo
Lips: Sleek Barely There

Hope you guys like it!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Outfit of the day picture!

Hey! I thought I would feature this since I recently purchased some goodies which I LURRVE right now!!

Firstly, I managed to grab a bargain at Topshop and got this awesome compass necklace on sale for only £1.50!

I felt like a pirate wearing this around me, hehe!

I also purchased these awesome cobalt blue jeans which I'm now addicted to! I think they go with everything!

Even though summer is almost over I will definitely  be wearing these throughout the year - Why not?

How do you feel about wearing bright jeans? Do you like quirky jewellery too?


Teal Appeal! - benefit's Mint Julep smokey eye

Hiya :)

Today I wanted to do a brighter wearable eye and came up with a teal smoky eye.
Products used:
MAC's paint pot in Rollickin
Benefit's Mint Julep eyeshadow
Sleek Storm Palette (matte black eyeshadow)
Urban Decay Naked palette - buck and naked
Clinique High Lengths mascara (will do a review on this soon!)
Nars Sheerglow foundation in shade Barcelona
Sleek blush in Pink Flamingo
Sleek lipstick in Barely There

with flash

natural lighting

Thanks for  looking!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Tip of the day- Eyeliner pencil!

Do you own a cheap eye-liner pencil? Does it give you nothing but misery when  you have to apply it onto your waterline 10 times before showing up? If so, there is a solution!!! SET IT ON FIRE!!!

Well not quite, but if you run your eye-liner pencil over a naked flame for less than a second (really quickly, otherwise you'll burn it!) and then let it cool down, the product melts and it creates a smoky, sexier look that effortlessness glides onto your eye.

CAUTION: DO NOT TRY THIS WHILST DRUNK!! Or if you're young! If you're afraid you'll set it on fire or something there are alternative ways to heat the eye pencil : you could use a hair-dryer  but it takes longer and isn't as affective, but is still better than nothing if you're looking to achieve a more intense effect!

Anyway i got bored and decided to test it and here are the pictures:

Here is Urban Decay's eye liner in in Zero. 
Left =  before.
Right = after being under flame...AWESOMEE

Here's a pic of the eye liner pencil  I used. (it came complimentary with the Naked Palette)

I hope you guys learnt something from this :) 
Good luck!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sleek Paraguaya Palette look!


Today I was in a rush and put something together with the mattes from my Paraguaya palette from Sleek. This palette was released a few months ago as part of the 'Avoir la Peche' collection which is defined as "have the peach", and contains some awesome peach and coral colours, which can also be used as blushers if you want! I especially love peach gold! Unfortunately this palette was limited edition but you might be able to find it on Ebay.

This is one the first times I've ever used only mattes on my eyes! I normally only wear shimmery colours on my lids, but I like the change now and again! I think matte colours make the overall look more wearable.

I used a mix of blush, cameo, redstone and persimmon all over my lid, with bittersweet and a tiny amount of stone in the crease, and a small amount of sandstone as a highlight on my brow bone and inner corners.

YAY for natural lighting!? :D

Let me know what you think!
Hope you're enjoying the weekend :) xxx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bored, feeling creative!

So I was feeling creative today and decided to do one eyeshadow look on each eye!
LOL, so I look quite dweeby in the pics, but it doesn't matter really,...does it!! :)

I used the sleek original palette in both eyes, and I totally forgot about how awesome this palette is! I took some pics..and then about an hour later got bored and put some tiny falsies on the outer corners and took some more. I cut the falsies myself, and used Eldora Eyelashes.

Anyway, enjoy!

 I think the gold eyeshadow is more suited for me rather than the purple smoky eye, possibly because it's so warm like my skin tone.

Like the Sunset!

I thought I'd upload some pics of a look I created using the Sleek Sunset palette! I really love this tropical exotic look, and I think it looks best with darker skin tones (possible NC40 and above, although this is just a guesstimate!)

Anyway, here are some pics! Im using a Bling tone in gold on top of the gold colour just to make it extra awesome!